138: The Tour Down Under Gets Messy, Electric Battery Explosion, Jess Varnish Loses the Battle but Not the War, and How to Get Americans Interested in Bicycle Racing

An electric bike battery explodes while a 79-year-old cyclist attempts a climb famous at the Tour Down Under, BBC obtains emails from the Team Sky doctor at the center of the Testosterone Delivery scandal, Jess Varnish loses a battle, but not the war, and we discuss how to get American’s more excited about bike racing.
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trek e bike

41: TdF Stage 12, the 28mph Commuter, and Training Tools for Racing

The tour continues and though the race has hit a bit of a lull, we discuss the controversy and excitement from Stage 12 when Chris Froome hopped off his bike and started running towards the finish line.We talk about issue #134, specifically the ride experience of the Trek xm700+ – a class 3, 28 mph electric bicycle, and We cover some of our favorite training tools and software.
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40: Tour de France Stages 6-10

This episode we talk Tour de France stages, wins, and losses, so again if you haven’t seen stages 6-10, come back to us after you catch up. We also preview the new issue that will be hitting your local bike shops very soon, and Victor discusses the cover model for 134 -The Marin Bikes Four Corners Elite.
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