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BICYCLIST | SoCal & Beyond

BICYCLIST | SoCal & Beyond

Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles in Stores Now 

The all-new lineup of road bikes includes the UrbanRush, a drop-bar do everything road bike, the CrossConnect, a completely accessorized commuter/utility bike, and the CrossCore, a high style efficient fitness bike. Yamaha’s performance hardtail e-mountain bike, the YDX-TORC is also now available.

Bikes, First Look

The 28mph Commuter: Trek XM700+ e-Bike 

A 28mph Class 3 e-bike like the Trek XM700+ can be fully utilized on Class 2 and 3 bike routes in California, but can also be used on Class 1 trails with the electric system disengaged. You’ll have a tough time depleting a full battery, but the bike makes an excellent hybrid even without the pedal assist.