cyclist on pedego ebike riding flat road in cloudy california (blurry)

134: The Pete Rose of Pro Cycling, Team Abuse Allegations, Electric Bikes Better Than Walking, Clif Embracing A Solar Destiny

We discuss some professional cycling ‘icons’ (Bradley Wiggins and Geraint Thomas disagree on one person), and some cyclists from team Cervelo-Bigla team reveal serious incidents under reign of manager. We also touch on how Clif Bar company plans to do their part in lowering CO2 emissions, and the studies that prove that ebike riding requires more physical activity than walking.
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58: Gearing Up For Winter, The Relevance Of Made In USA and Gary Johnson Goes Racing

We begin across the pond with Wiggins and Cavendish winning the Ghent Six-Day race. We return to a discussion on gearing up for winter in SoCal (short discussion) and then spend the remainder discussing the relevance of Made In USA for the typical bike consumer with a mention of Gary Johnson’s post-presidential campaign cycling goals.
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