SDMBA Black Widow Trail Building

‘Recommended Directional’ Trail Building in San Diego, The Black Widow Trail Project Courtesy San Diego Mountain Bike Association

SDMBA continues its strong alliance with the proud team of City of San Diego rangers at Black Mountain.  Shovels finally hit the ground on the Black Widow Trail on December 1, 2018.  This first work day attracted almost 80 volunteers, many of them first timers! There will be many more work days before this project is complete so check SDMBA channels for updates.
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How To Plan an Informative Bike Ride with Your City Representatives

We wanted to highlight that it is possible to have a positive experience collaborating with your local representatives. Dubbed the Walnut Experience, Randy Kiefer of OC Wheelmen and Bill Sellin of OCBC organized a casual Saturday ride with city council member Melissa Fox, to highlight areas of the Walnut Trail that affect bicyclists that live and ride through Irvine.
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The Gift of a Bicycle

Today, we are participating in #GivingTuesday and providing the gift of bicycles to students in the developing world. On #GivingTuesday charities, families, businesses, and students around the world come together for one common purpose: to celebrate and encourage giving.
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11-Year Old Steals the Show at Town Hall Meeting

This amazing 11 year old, Matlock Grossman, brought down the house at a Town Hall Meeting in Silverlake with his perspective and experience cycling on car filled roads. The subject of the meeting was regarding the Rowena Road Diet, which reduced traffic on Rowena ave. in 2012 from two lines in each direction to one lane plus a bike lane and center left turn lane.
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Jerry Brown

Gov. Brown Signs Bill that Benefits Bicyclists

Governor Jerry Brown just signed bill A.B. 902 which will allow bicyclists who are ticketed for some traffic violations to take a “driver awareness or education program” as an alternative to a ticket fine. Eliminating the high fines will encourage individuals to stay on their bikes, and adding educational classes could really help the community and law enforcement to better understand the bicyclist’s rights on the road.
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