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19 Oct 2017

There is no digital medium capable of conveying the experience that we have imbued in the print edition of the BICYCLIST magazine. You can view the digital edition FREE on your mobile or desktop, but if you really want the full BICYCLIST experience, we suggest you find a print copy of BICYCLIST, pocket the magazine in a jersey pocket (all subscribers receive their magazine in a protective sleeve, perfect for keeping dry on your journey) and go for a bike ride. Find an open park, stretch your legs out on the grass and get inspired by the people, events and places we discuss through the lens of Southern California.

You can find print copies of our magazine at more than 1000 locations throughout the West Coast. To ensure you always receive the latest copy, we offer a one-year subscription to the print edition of BICYCLIST with 10 issues delivered to the location of your choice for $20. We also have a two-year subscription for $36.

We do our best to provide the content from the magazine on various digital channels including our website and the digital edition of our magazine – both available free, but a subscription to BICYCLIST is the BEST way to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

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