Recorded on September 21, 2017

Hosted by Kelley O’Toole

Co-Hosts: Chris Reynolds, Victor Prestinary, Tim Wilson and Justin Macias

Editing: Victor Prestinary and Chris Reynolds

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  • “The days of many restrictions on what OEM’s specifying what can and can’t be done, as well as manufacturers specifying what dealers can and can’t do amongst each other – that seems to have left” [6:14]
  • “Doing that on a show floor when you have just madness and chaos around you, that becomes less interesting.” [13:16]
  • “Calmly coercive. Yes, that’s a side effect of TBE” [21:32]
  • “Crested Butte the city is a full blown city, they have real toilets and everything [29:05]
  • “It all worked out in the end” [33:03]
  • “Tom Dumoulin $#!&s the bib!” [35:02]
  • “If you rode everyday for a month, you could do something different every day and be satisfied every day, if you know what I mean.” [37:46]
  • “Don’t even think about doing that on my group ride” [40:49]
  • “Remember all the massive crowds that were lining that road?” [43:44]
  • “Sloppy swap, over jealous pusher” [49:45]
  • “Here’s an example where the courts were able to show that it was wonton…wanton and reckless” [59:59]
  • “I could literally carry a stick, and shove it in my rear wheel and comply with the law. Right?” [1:02:51]
  • “Deer tries this one crazy trick, cyclists hate him.” [1:04:46]
  • “It’s the LA River though. You know it has diseases in there. Don’t go in it, don’t taste it, don’t ride a boat down it.” [1:11:21]


  • Rick Schultz
  • Charlie Alliston
  • Ty Kady
  • Scott Tedro