57: New Voices, Changes to the WorldTour in 2017 and PVE needs BMUFL

As usual, we start the show with announcements, news, and events. Topics include climate change, updates to the 2017 WorldTour, and Palos Verdes cyclists advocating for BMUFL signs to save lives.




Black Mustard (Brassica nigra silique) mentioned in the podcast

A new perspective to join the conversation – We welcome Winelia Recart for this episode, she is a commuter and graduate student at UCI studying how climate change, drought and invasive plant species, affect pollinator-mediated selection on native plant species. She offers her unique commuter/utilitarian bicycling perspective and offers her in-depth knowledge of the environment to help us better our bike experience.

There are already conflicts with the 2017 WorldTour – The UCI has made some huge changes to the WorldTour calendar for 2017 that some are adamantly against. The addition of 10 more races has garnered frustration from teams that have less sponsorship, resulting in less funding than some of the larger teams like Sky. The addition of the Amgen Tour of California is good news for American cycling fans, but bad news for the professional continental teams who will be qualified for the Tour of California, but no longer qualified for domestic races such as Redlands Classic.
UCI examines top Italian team managers over fraud claims
I Am a Slow Moving Vehicle
US domestic teams’ participation in 2017 Tour of California remains uncertain
French Pro league to take UCI to court over 2017 WorldTour reforms
UCI to add Chinese race to 2017 WorldTour calendar
Pasadena is cutting parking on Union to make way for a $3 million bicycle track

Bicyclists protest in PVE – After 3 deaths in Palos Verdes Estate this year and several tense arguments between residents and cyclists who live and ride in PVE, bicyclists demanded the city install signs to inform motorists of their rights on the road. The city decided on installing 5 temporary signs in PVE reading “3 Feet It’s the Law” in August of this year. Following a hit and run in which a bicyclist was severely injured by a motorist on Nov. 6 in PVE, cyclists called on the city to change the signs to the more effective wording “Bicycles May Use Full Lane”. City Council states that they will not change the signs until the end of 2017 when they’ve come to a road safety agreement with the surrounding cities of Ranchos Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills. Listen on for more information.

Ways you can support cycling in PV and cyclists in PV; courtesy of Seth Davidson of PV Cycling:

  1. If you’re in LA, come to the city council meetings, which can be found here. https://www.pvestates.org/government/city-council/city-meetings. There is no substitute for showing up and being heard, as we learned on Nov. 8.
  2. Write original letters or emails individually to Mayor King telling her why the signs are important. Her email and that of the other members is here: https://www.pvestates.org/government/city-council
  3. Call the city council clerk and tell them to put BMUFL signage on the agenda.
  4. Get involved in your own local council and traffic committee. The more communities that have signage, the harder it is for others to refuse to install it. We need cyclists to step up for each other in person, not just on FB and internet forums. No substitute for being physically engaged.
  5. We have upcoming events that include more sign protesting and a die-in. People want to help can email me. *EMAIL: [email protected]
  6. Make advocacy fun! We eat pizza, hang out, and have a good time

The next meeting is December 7th at 7:30 pm at Council Chambers of City Hall 340 Palos Verdes Drive West Palos Verdes Estates, California 90274

Seth Davidson’s Blog – Cycling in the South Bay
“Bicycles May Use Full Lane” Signage Communicates U.S. Roadway Rules and Increases Perception of Safety
Why a nasty debate has erupted over bicycle signs in Palos Verdes Estate
PVE City Council Meetings
Palos Verdes Estates puts brakes on new bicycle signs
Were you driving through Palos Verdes Estates the day bicyclist John Bacon was killed?
Bicyclists create road-rage problem in Palos Verdes: Letters to The Daily Breeze
What were 40 bicyclists protesting in Palos Verdes Estate
Palos Verdes Estates steers toward improving cycling safety
Safety plan could improve transportation on the Palos Verdes Peninsula
Tech Distractions Blamed for Rise in Traffic Fatalities

*Correction: A KPCC article was misattributed to the LA Times in the last segment of the show. The article was regarding the possibility that the loss of the anticipated federal matching funds for some Measure M projects could force Metro to lengthen its timeline for construction. 

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