28: Bees, Racing Bikes and Rally Cycling CRUSHING

The SCB team discusses the way that international media covers cycling, specifically with regards to the claims of hidden motors in professional races. And we also talk Bees vs. Bicyclists (or maybe it should be Tim vs. Bees), our bee stories while on the bike.

A lot of our discussion on this episode revolves around the way that international media covers cycling, specifically with regards to the claims of hidden motors in professional races. Road.cc reports that, “Journalists from the French TV sports programme Stade 2and the Italian newspaper La Corriere della Sera say that they identified seven motors being used by competitors at Strade Bianche and the Settimana Internazionale Coppi e Bartali through thermal imaging equipment.” Stade 2 and La Corriere della Sera have not released the photos or evidence of these doping accusations, but they are pairing the release of this information with photographs that were staged by the outlets to show how the technology works. We have an interesting debate about potential solutions in dealing with doping if these allegations prove to be true.

Also – Bees vs. Bicyclists (or maybe it should be Tim vs. Bees), we talk about our bee stories while on the bike. Got a good one? Drop us a line.

Rally Cycling at National Crit Championships Report
As the race wore on, Jesse Anthony and Tom Soladay kept the pressure on the peloton with consistent attacks. Anthony eventually broke clear and was solo until Soladay bridged across. The duo worked together and forced UnitedHealthcare to chase. With four laps remaining Anthony and Soladay were reeled in, but the damage was done and Huff was in position for a run at the line.

The men’s and women’s teams from Rally Cycling captured titles Saturday at the USA Cycling professional criterium and team time trial national championships.

The men’s team of Jesse Anthony, Adam de Vos, Evan Huffman, Danny Pate and Tom Zirbel covered the course in 37 minutes, 47.50 seconds to beat Holowesko-Citadel Racing Team. UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling was third.

The Rally women’s team of Heather Fischer, Jasmin Glaesser, Kristi Lay, Katherine Maine, Jessica Prinner and Emma White finished in 44:04.03 to defend its title from a year ago. UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling took the silver medal and Visit Dallas DNA Pro Cycling finished third.

Men’s USRO Criterium Championship
1. Brad Huff – Rally Cycling
2. John Murphy – UnitedHealthcare
3. Luke Keough – UnitedHealthcare

Women’s USRO Criterium Championship
1. Lauren Tamayo – UnitedHealthcare
2. Elle Anderson – Rally Cycling
3. Sara Tussey – Visit Dallas DNA

Announced Events
ADA Tour de Cure – Ship to Shore
Cervelo 2016 Belgian Waffle Ride Presented by SPY
Aliso Wood Canyon XC Race
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Show Links
Lenny Issacs: The Red Rider Club
Strava Dopers – LA Times
Motors concealed in 7 Bikes in Pro Race?!
Rally Cycling Sweeps Men’s and Women’s TT Nationals
Interview with Jesse Anthony and Tom Soladay
Sagan Racing Mountain Bikes this Spring

Our sponsor for this week’s episode is the Tour de Cure – Ship to Shore. If you’re not going for routes, then it’s for the riders. One of the great aspects of the Tour de Cure events is all the friends you make during the ride. Friend of the magazine and a Red Rider for the Tour de Cure, Lenny Issacs is one of those friends. We featured a profile of Lenny in Issue 131 written by fellow American Diabetes Association supporter Teresa Todd, about how he manages his diabetes while he maintains an impressive cycling performance. The Tour de Cure Ship to Shore will start at the Queen Mary in Long Beach on Sunday May 01. You can register HERE for this event.

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