Recorded on December 23rd, 2017

Hosted by Kelley O’Toole Co-Hosts:  Justin MaciasChris ReynoldsVictor Prestinary (absent), Tim Wilson (absent) Editing: Chris Reynolds

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  • [3:55] “For those that are maybe new to this episode, Lawerence Soloman is a writer for the Financial Post who is also a shill for the petrol lobby of Canada and he writes anti-cycling articles.”
  • [8:38] “We’ve already discussed on this show, but there is IMBA and then there is the new Sustainable Trails Coalition (STC). That coalition has partnered with some GOP legislatures in their goal of trying to secure more area for trail access. This approach is very much differing with the IMBA approach, which has been more about maintaining the trails that are already available vs trying to expand into wilderness area.”
  • [9:48] “It seems kind of like a situation where it’s an ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’, [as] they’re both up against the very fervent and opinionated environmental coalition that would like no access for anyone.”
  • [16:05] “People were trying to say that [Dan Sotelo] didn’t have the expertise to make such claim, but the writings on the wall. This is something that we’ve talked about and the point he makes is really that you need to focus on the experience and you need to focus on customer service.”
  • [17:58] “[JoJe Bars] were nice enough to send us a big box of different flavors and we’ve been trying them out. Man, these are great they are like a moist Clif bar, a more compact but moist version.”
  • [18:16] “If you’ve had an RX bar, they’re similar consistency but the flavor of these JoJe bars are on point!”