Recorded on November 29, 2017

Hosted by Kelley O’Toole Co-Hosts:  Justin MaciasVictor PrestinaryChris Reynolds, Tim Wilson Editing: Chris Reynolds


  • [12:01] “Women are not not riding bikes because they can’t go as fast as their boyfriends. Women could care less about that. This ad is obviously directed at men who want to get a bike for their girlfriend or wives but don’t want to wait for them.”
  • [16:08] “If you wanted to say something like ‘ i’m not a very confident cyclist but i’m learning’ that would be a little closer to the reality.”
  • [18:05] “You could step back and say on a 5d chess level it absolutely had the desired mark. No-one would be talking about a Pinarello e-bike except for this.”
  • [19:49] “A big part of that is whats termed ‘virtue signaling’ where your essentially broadcasting to the people that follow you that you espouse a certain set of ideas or a certain set of beliefs and so by sharing your reaction to whatever article there is, it allows you to do that.”
  • [29:34] “The failing in this diagnosis, or what they’re calling a diagnosis, is that they impugn healthy eating as somehow a bad thing. And instead it entirely misses that healthy eating includes the idea that it’s a balanced diet, that it’s healthy for you. So if something is causing you to have behavior that is antisocial, behavior that tis causing you to act in ways that aren’t in your best interest, you would naturally say that’s unhealthy. “
  • [33:29] “I’d just like to say as a non scientific person speculating on the subject, it sounds like a very straight forward case of OCD.”
  • [49:57] “You could probably get a Nitro pretty cheap. Pinarello’s going to have a lot of them that are unsold, I think.”
  • [51:55] “What beer do the security guards drink in London?” “Tedley’s, Boddington’s, Carlin, or Strongbow.”
  • [54:05] “[On our roads] even just a change in speed from 20 to 30 mph (just that 10 mile an hour difference) increases the likelihood of death from about 10% to about 40%.”
  • [55:27] “We know the painted sidewalks, and signs, and flashing lights and the fear of tickets are not enough to deter people from going too fast, mainly because 70% of pedestrians death and severe injuries occurred at intersections. What we really need is just for everyone to slow down. “
  • [55:54] “ I read something that tax payers would rather pay the family members of people who have died at intersections than have to go slower and pay money for that which is kind of the sad truth of this whole thing.”
  • [56:40] “It’s like a gasoline of blood sacrifice so that we can commute…basically it’s something along those lines.”
  • [1:18:44] “You have to dream big because i think though that the attitudes towards driving are not what they used to be. They don’t see driving as a way to experience freedom, especially young people like us don’t see it as a way to be authentic, be able to explore.”