Recorded on November 9, 2017

Hosted by Kelley O’Toole

Co-Hosts:  Justin Macias, Victor PrestinaryChris ReynoldsTim Wilson

Editing: Chris Reynolds


  • “It’s definitely cool to see sponsors get so excited.” [5:10]
  • “There were staged arm wresting matches between some of the pro riders. Specifically Marcel Kittel and Chris Froome. There’s videos of that if you want to see some awkward displays of lacking upper body prowess.” [7:19]
  • “You can see different formats in every single aspect of sports and regular television across the world. It just may be different to what you’re seeing, even if it is the same type of exhibition.” [11:50]
  • “So what is this, just an isolated event? Or is this something we haven’t really seen in cycling? This intense level of violence?” [19:23]
  • “Bike SGV went to the city and opted the idea to have a bicycle traffic school to waive the tickets and waive the fees. They are advocating for more universal bike riding laws and their working on educating riders on the rules of the road.” [22:11]
  • “I always thought it would be a really cool idea if somebody set up a free gym, but all of the machines generated power. They could go in there and use the machines to work out and the way you pay them is by making power.“ [30:41]
  • “This brings up that So Cal needs more efficient public transportation if we’re going to be less stressed out.”[35:35]
  • “Too many people have been given cars, too many people have been allowed to drive who have no business behind the wheel. ” [36:23]
  • “I’ve got some homework I’m gonna do for myself here. I recently moved to a place that’s closer to work so I’m gonna try this bike commute thing for a couple days, at least to see what it’s like.” [38:30]
  • “A lot of the pros have this stuff down, so at this level we haven’t seen very many times when someone got caught up in shifting their front derailleur, that’s a little bit more of a lower level problem that people have, so it’s hard to see what the difference will be.” [43:24]
  • “The main benefit to front derailleur is the additional number of steps, in that if they’re running an 11-speed rear cassette and they have 2 front chain rings that gives them 22 gears of different rotations.” [43:47]