A Comprehensive List of the Top BICYCLIST Posts of 2018

In ringing in the New Year, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular posts of 2018 on BICYCLIST. Following is a list of posts, starting in January, that were read and listened to by the majority of BICYCLIST readers and members.

In ringing in the New Year, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular posts of 2018 on BICYCLIST.xyz. Below is a list of posts, starting in January, that were read and listened to by a majority of BICYCLIST readers and members. The podcast episodes of The BICYCLIST Experience were by far the most listened to, with a few of the popular episodes listed below. On the podcast we talk the news of the week in the bicycling industry, and our thoughts on current trends and age-old methods for getting the most out of riding a bike. Other hot topics of interest last year include news-making cyclists (ahem…Denise Mueller-Korenek…ahem), out-of-this-world technology, and some of the best bikes and gear to set you up with a safe adventure.

Episode 111: The Importance of Properly Locking Your Bike, San Diego Makes Gains For Business and Traffic with New Road Diet, and Marginal Changes for 2018 Men’s World Tour Bikes

unlocked city bikes

On this episode we discuss Lance Armstrong and Tour of Flanders, Froome’s camp has a new theory, how to not lock your bike and secure your gear, San Diego makes gains with a road diet, and reviewing the men’s 2018 team bikes for the World Tour.

The Whiskey Off-Road Embraces the Culture of the Old West

This Epic Rides’ event is called ‘The Whiskey’ because it starts on the famed ‘Whiskey Row’, an 1800’s downtown row of tall western saloons and shops; traditional Old West Saloons that have swinging doors with names like ‘The Palace’ or ‘The Bird Cage.’

Jones’ Loop H-Bars Are Unconventional For Good Reason

The impetus for a new handlebar design came from Jeff’s Jones of Jones Bikes desire to find a way to bring his hands into a more natural riding position. In the process, he tossed out some of the conventional industry bike-fit standards that have been the norm for the past decade or two.

Paul Components: Blending Passion and Reliability

Paul Components, based out of Chico, California, is renowned for producing a line of American-made CNC components, accessories, and adapters that can best be described as functional jewelry for your bike.

Hands On ALAN Mito: A Carbon Fiber Fixture on the Cyclocross Scene

alan mito carbon bike rolf prima wheels

The legendary status of ALAN rests on their racing record, and the MITO commemorates this with World Champion color striping wrapping the tubes. A special commemoration rests on the headbadge, marking the 40 years ALAN build bikes under the direction of founder Lodovico, who passed away in 2012, in a bike shop no less.

Wend Bike Unveils First Colored Chain Wax in the World

Pink Wend Spectrum Wax on giant bike

WEND Bike introduces the first-ever colored chain lubricant in the world to the cycling market. WEND’s Spectrum collection reveals the bright side of performance and inspires individuality through a collection of colors like cycling’s never seen before.

Bike, Light, Action! Hands on with the dependable Ravemen 1200

The Ravemen 1200 bike light is a solid piece of gear that is dependable and intelligently designed. The only surprise is a pleasant one, with a street price of $90 at your LBS.

Are Dockless Electric Scooters Creating More Problems for Cities?

man on dockless scooter

The last few months metro cities in California have experienced an ever-escalating proliferation of dockless scooters that people use to get around the city. There are also several other problems associated with these scooters including non-compliance on the part of the operators themselves

Denise Mueller-Korenek Smashes World’s Paced Bicycle Speed Record

Project Speed’s Denise Mueller-Korenek has become the fastest human to ever ride a bicycle — setting the World’s Paced Bicycle Record of 183.932 mph on September 16 at world famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Episode 131:Bike the Vote! Tricking Drivers Into Safety, Beer Talk, Outdoor Photography Gear and Starting Points

We talk an experiment that made drivers more compliant, whether electrolyte beer is beneficial, a local Proposition that would hurt bicyclists, and our tips for outdoor photography and the gear you should have.

Episode 134:The Pete Rose of Pro Cycling, Team Abuse Allegations, Electric Bikes Better Than Walking, Clif Embracing A Solar Destiny

cyclist on pedego ebike riding flat road in cloudy california (blurry)

We discuss some professional cycling ‘icons’ (Bradley Wiggins and Geraint Thomas disagree on one person), and some cyclists from team Cervelo-Bigla team reveal serious incidents under reign of manager. We also touch on how Clif Bar company plans to do their part in lowering CO2 emissions, and the studies that prove that ebike riding requires more physical activity than walking.

Stretch it Out For Better Flexibility: Part One

The following article is the first in a series of stretches that every cyclist should do before and after each ride to improve flexibility, recovery and performance – on and off the bike.

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