This Thanksgiving we reflect on our gratitude for all the local, state, and national Bicycle Advocacy groups who do a lot of the work to keep bicycling safe for riders. Groups like The League of American Bicyclists, People for Bikes, California Bicycle Coalition, and many others work hard to advocate for the best conditions possible for bicyclists. We express our deepest gratitude to those organizations who often go unrecognized for initiating real change in our community. To those of you who spend your waking hours making sure riders are safe and protected, we THANK YOU!

We’ve reviewed some of our articles that highlight advocates, how to stay safe on the road and trails, and we also revisit some of our most popular articles on how to commute. We will be updating our advocacy list for 2017, so if you do not see your organization listed below, please send us a note with the name of the group and a website. Stay safe out there!

Relevant Articles