Love Treats For Your Cycling Sweetie

We appreciate any excuse to buy new accessories for our favorite past time, but when you give them to your cycling sweetie, their excitement is all the more worthwhile. On this (pseudo) holiday, our recommendations are tailored to the spirit of the “season.”

Stuff to Make Them Smile

We appreciate any excuse to buy new accessories for our favorite past time, but when you give them to your cycling sweetie, their excitement is all the more worthwhile. On this (pseudo) holiday, our recommendations are tailored to the spirit of the “season.”

The Cyclist’s Answer to Lingerie

Some people consider lingerie a good gift to give on Valentine’s day, we think your sweetie will love these cycling undergarments even better. The Jewel Cham by Club Ride look like boxer briefs but comes with chamois. This one says “I care more about how you feel than how you look.” The Jewel Cham will be put to use by the commuter, stationary bike rider and fast casual road racer. $35


Hydration Means ‘I Love You’

Somehow the Portland Design Works Bird Bottle cage ends up on one of the many bikes we use. The PDW Bird Bottle Cage is a sure way to remind your loved one that you care about them. The unique design doesn’t take away from water bottle holding capabilities, it’s sturdy and reliable. The cage is made from a single sheet of lightweight 5052 alloy, and although it is not the lightest cage (coming in at 2 oz), it does not disrupt the aero dynamics of your ride; this bird is built to fly. $20

A Spa Day

Not all of us can afford to buy one of the most beautiful gems known to humans on an arbitrary day in February, but Muc-Off’s wundershine will make your bike shine like a diamond. As with all Muc-Off products, the wundershine is biodegradable and contains only the most natural ingredients so as not to damage the bike. This gift could also include some uninterrupted time dedicated to shining and buffing your loved one’s bike. In conjunction with the Muc-off Cleaning bundle or on its own, the wundershine will upgrade a lackluster ride to a sparkling chariot. $28


Make Him Feel Chuffed, Not Chafed

ASSOS is typically known as the makers of performance cycling kits (Team USA), but their chamois cream is a favorite with our writers. One staffer went through several pairs of bibs, tights, and numerous chamois creme brands to try and correct the soreness from riding over 30 miles. Turns out applying some ASSOS preRide chamois creme before his ride made a significant impact on the pain and chafing. As with the Jewel Cham mentioned above, gifts that make an impact on the overall riding experience certainly sends the message of care. If this chamois creme came in a tube it would be perfect; be sure to use clean fingers when scooping the cream out of the jar. $19

An Experience Gift

For the cycling couple, a stop at local spot 10 Speed Coffee in Calabasas for an espresso like the pros, followed by an epic day trip, is a great “gift” for your loved one. 10SpeedCoffee is located inside the restaurant Pedaler’s Fork, which has been known to serve professional cyclists from all over the globe. The spot is near gorgeous areas like the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve (formerly Ahmanson Ranch) and Malibu Creek State Park. This gift is for those needing some one on one time.

inkadinkadoodle on Etsy

Say it With a Love Note

Nothing says “I love you” like a handwritten note that reads “I love you”. Fill your card with silly jokes and promises of future rides together, a caring gift for the lover who prefers thoughtful over costly. Etsy features local, and worldwide, artists who use the platform to sell their handmade and vintage items. It’s especially useful for finding unique letterpress greeting cards. $5 

Go with a Classic

Lastly, if all else fails, chocolate is always a good idea – especially if it’s local. ChocXO (pronounced choc-zo) is a bean to bar chocolatier with the main factory based out of Irvine, California. Each chocolate bar is single origin made from responsibly sourced, direct trade cacao beans. All their dark chocolate bars are made without dairy for our vegan and lactose-free friends – surprisingly the chocolate maintains a type of creaminess that you’d only expect from milk chocolate. If you’re looking for a more experiential gift, Chocxo offers tours at their factory that are all about the chocolate making process from bean to bar. $6



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