Last year, we featured the e-Chariot, a custom-made sidecar built to accommodate the wheelchair of Hailey Mills by her grandfather, Ron. Here, we bring you another type of steel chariot: the Bike Bug Bumble Bee Sidecar!

The Victory Ranch Summer Camp in Tennessee is the new owner of the Bike Bug Bicycle Sidecar. It will be utilized by Elementary and Middle school students during summer camp.

Built in Texas by Mike Schneider, the apocalypse-ready, 10-gauge polished aluminum sidecar sits on a steel frame that anchors onto the bike’s frame tubes and rear axle.

We used a Faraday city e-bike for our trial, as the Sturney-Archer hub shifter provided lots of gearing options, a front motor to compensate for the added weight, and a steel frame that could accommodate the inertia. Not for the light-hearted, using a sidecar takes up lots space in the road, but with a little practice and a solid bike, this set-up is sure to turn heads!

A sidecar can be fun for a family on bike paths, cruising with your buddies down the boardwalk, or pack it up to your local CicLAvia. We recommend a nice heavy bike with no rear derailleur – pair it with an e-bike! Bike Bug builds their stock to order. Their inventory includes sidecars, a number of cargo bikes, bicycle motors, and accessories. (