The granite of Halfdome in Yosemite, California makes a central appearance on the 63 mile challenge. Concerned about traffic? An early-morning start will have you avoiding cars as you grind your way up the 23-mile long grade. Once the sun is up, and on your return, you’ll be descending into the valley and away from the tourist traffic. For those looking for a less challenging route, the first five miles of the Glacier Point OAB route travel through the valley floor providing an entirely different experience than any car-bound journey you’ve had in the area. Bring a third water bottle and daytime lights.

BICYCLIST Challenge 151
BICYCLIST Challenge 151: Glacier Point

Ride:Glacier Out & Back
Location:Yosemite, CA
Distance:63 miles, 7630'
Start:Camp 4, Yosemite Valley
Range: min. 4016' | max. 7902'
Highlights: Glacier Point, Tunnel Point

Nearest Bike Shop


  • limited water
  • limited services
  • shared vehicular road
  • steep grades (12-14%)
  • winter road closures
  • summer wildfires
  • bears, mountain lions

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