BAT Build: Modern Vintage II

We took another vintage Colnago frame as an outstanding base and added modern components to blast this bike into the future, while also keeping notes of nostalgia on the build.

Outlandish, Outstanding, Original

The physically of the steel used in the mid-80’s Colnago’s offer an outstanding foundation for all manner of concoctions. In the first BAT Build (Issue #159), we  based the drive-train selection with a focus on value. In this iteration, we are going for outlandish. To wit, we came up with a two-speed variant. The 17t on the rear cog matches the 53t/36t crankset and offers an insurance policy when the switchbacks begin.

LEFT There is a minor amount of horizontal adjustment in the drop-outs of the frame, but a chain-tensioner improves the ease of road-size repairs and allows for a pit-stop change of the front chain-ring.

CENTER Carbon details offset the penalty of steel and a Fabric saddle keeps things comfortable. Ultegra brakes slow the motion when required, and offer the smooth modulations of modern braking systems.

RIGHT As was used in the previous ‘Vintage Modern’ build, a threadless stem adapter was utilized allowing for the use of any 1-1/8”  headset.

Colnago frame

ABOVE The combination of Continental 5000s 25mm tires capping 80mm carbon wheels  transfer pedal power to the pavement adding a bit to the top speed, though the benefits of carbon wheels are traded off with increased weight. The entire build comes in around 20 pounds, with a total cost around $1500, though a bit of diligent eBay searching was required.

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