Indoor cycling can create a serious calorie burn and help to improve your outdoor ride. Focusing on form and technique will result in a better performance outdoors. Being able to ride in a controlled environment with little prep and having the safety and convenience of not having to worry about outside factors, makes an indoor ride very inviting and beneficial. You are able to focus on perfect form while increasing the intensity of your ride because you will not have to worry about weather, cars, or finding the proper terrain for the ride you want.

One of the biggest perks of indoor cycling is building climbing strength. You can practice the same climb over and over while increasing speed without having to find the perfect set of hills outdoors. Increasing the weight on the flywheel after successfully tackling a hill, will give you new challenges all without leaving your saddle. Doing short rides of 20 minutes at 85% of your heartrate will help to increase your lactate threshold which will make the tougher rides more comfortable as well as result in a higher VO2 max and better cardio output.

An advantage of indoor cycling is sprinting. By increasing small increments of weight on the flywheel, you will keep constant demand on the muscles. Once you have a quick cadence going, you can add to the flywheel during the sprinting portion and back it off to recover. Then build your cadence again and add a bit more to the flywheel. This will help to build the legs so that when you are racing outside, you will be able to add that burst of speed needed to pass a rider.

When coasting, or recovering in the saddle, a lower intensity can be added to the flywheel which will make your heartrate slightly elevated during your recoveries to help maintain your aerobic level.

Indoor cycling can be done virtually anywhere, but I enjoy it in a class with a qualified instructor. It helps to keep my energy level up and the competitiveness helps me to reach goals I normally wouldn’t try. Nothing can replace the excitement of riding outdoors, but why not add an indoor training program that helps make outdoor cycling easier and makes you a more efficient cyclist?

A Charitable Oppertunity to Crush Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is becoming more popular amongst road cyclists as a way to improve endurance and it’s great to see Bike MS adding this fun option to their charity events. Bike MS brings another edition of the Bay to Bay edition of Tour de Stationary, but this year it has its own day and location. A week before the main event you can opt for stationary cycling at Rush Cycle in Carmel Valley where participants are following the actual Bike MS route on a big screen while spinning along to energetic music and encouragement from their instructors! This gives participants who don’t want to/aren’t able to ride on the road the chance to be a part of Bike MS, fundraise for the cause, and join in the festivities! Riders can also use this opportunity to quickly give to the National MS Society as there is no fundraising required, just your $30 flat fee.

Tour de Stationary Event Information

Date: Sunday, October 15th
Location: Rush Cycle Carmel Valley (11055 Roselle St #140, San Diego, CA 92121)

Time: Vendor village and check in open at 11am, Spin Classes running on the hour for 45 minute classes from 12pm-4pm

Registration: $30 – all funds donated to Bike MS; Registration will be through the Rush Cycle site

Read the origin story and the technology behind the Tour de Stationary here.

Michelle O’Toole is an experienced fitness instructor for over 20 years. Her specialities include indoor cycling, strength training, and TRX – although she can teach pretty anything. She is an in house instructor at Los Caballeros Sports Club and also teaches at other gyms across Southern California. If you’d like to get in touch with Michelle you can email her at [email protected]