The reasons to avoid wearing dark clothing while cycling focus on the dangers of not being seen, and I understand this entirely. Even dark shades of blue or green appear black soon after dusk and this poses a significant risk for cyclists. But for someone that gravitates to the monochrome for their sartorial selections, wearing a clown-like kit while cycling isn’t appealing. PROVIZ has long addressed this with their extensive line of outdoor gear and cycling-specific apparel that features fabrics bonded with recently developed reflective materials. The material looks black at first glance, but under the shine of headlights, it becomes a glowing silver suit of illuminating armor.

The next step of this apparel evolution has been the development of their Sportive collection, a performance apparel line focused on road. The design is understated, and appealing for those that appreciate black on black. The safety police will appreciate reflective material on front and back, as well as day-glow accents that provide side awareness of the rider.

The jersey is constructed with 140gsm soft-touch polyester mesh that allows it to be soft, breathable and adaptable to a great range of conditions. The lightweight polyester is rated UPF 40+, for all seasons to stay cool and dry, priced at $55, the value is considerable.

The bibs have an endurance-padded chamois comfort and fit. You can expect all day riding comfort with supportive warp-knitted stretch fabrics that give you the breath ability you require on a ride. And with bibs coming in at $70, PROVIZ shows that quality and performance doesn’t have to break the bank.

We have been riding over the past winter with their Pixelite Performance jerseys and can recommend them when the temperatures dip. More to timing of the current warm-weather seasons, we can vouch for the quality and construction from this award-winning company. They use locking zippers throughout their collection, purpose-speced performance fabrics, and the small details are considered, seems are precise without any bunched material, fit is comfortable and well considered. Learn more about the Sportive collection as well as the Pixelite materials at, @provizsports