A seasoned veteran of turning pedals can be a difficult person to shop for when holidays are near. Most will already have all the gear they require; if it was needed they would have it. Solution? Books, a fresh set of tires and some new warmers. Simple pleasures.

Apparel| PROVIZ REFLECT 360 ARM/LEG WARMERS are a welcomed luxury for anyone that spends a lot of miles on the road. The usefulness-to-cost ratio is high, a set of warmers are applicable for all seasons, all locations. Even in the middle of summer, early morning mountain rides can be chilly wearing only a summer jersey; a set of warmers fit the gap as they are the next step of provisioning after the basics have been sorted. And in winter, they are a no-brainer. The Proviz set brings the Reflect 360 visibility treatment especially effective because of limb movement while travelling. And most importantly, the anti-slip silicone bands do what they’re supposed to – keep the warmers in place. They aren’t just handy in the saddle, activities such as camping, hiking and running all make this layering option ideal. ($35 / $45 Legs | www.bicyclist.xyz/155a)

Book | HOW THE RACE WAS WON brings together insights gleaned from some of the top minds of bike racing. Veteran cycling journalist Peter Cossins authors this analysis of professional cycling, and takes a historic look all the way back to the moment George Pilkington Mills was paced to victory in the 1891 Bordeaux—Paris. Going forward from there, he continues to the current crop of winners, Peter Sagan, Marcel Kittel and Marc Cavendish. Along the way, Cossins gives thoughtful insight on how tactics evolved, and how today’s winning teams continue to build on what has been previous demonstrated. Coming in at over 280 pages, the illuminating digest of so many smart thoughts and game-winning strategies will keep the active racer or armchair spectator occupied and inspired all year long. ($19 | www.bicyclist.xyz/155c)

Book | SAGAN: MY WORLD isn’t a weepy-eyed story of motivation, or a decadent ‘insider’ view of professional opulence, those being popular themes of other athlete memoirs. Instead, the Velo Press publication gives an authentic insight into the struggles and strengths that populate the world of Peter Sagan. Unlike aforementioned memoirs, My World offers quite a bit of useful and pragmatic strategy, expressed through the experience of Sagan’s legendary career. ($25 | www.bicyclist.xyz/155e)

Book | TO MAKE RIDERS FASTER is the story of Cervelo, the frame-maker at the top tier of bike racing that irrevocably changed the design of road bikes. The hardcover title provides an in-depth and exhaustive look at the company built between Phil White and Gerard Vroomen. Authored and published by Anna Dopico, a fascinating individual in her own right, the collector-tome contains 250 glorious pages of photos, sketches, email correspondence that help color-in the story of the 16-year voyage from a Montreal garage to the WorldTour, to IronMan and Olympic podiums. ($70 | www.bicyclist.xyz/155b)

Tires | CONTINENTAL GRAND PRIX 5000/TL The 5000 iteration of the Grand Prix series of road tires lead a family of Continental road tires that hold a special place in many road riders hearts. Updates are significant with an entirely redesigned carcass and layering composition both meant to lighten while improving puncture resistance. And all while keeping comfort as plush as can be. In addition, they are bringing a tube-less version of the clincher (not to be confused with a tubular) for those running with the goo. ($80 / TL $95 | www.bicyclist.xyz/155d)

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