The Bindle Rack by Portland Design Works turned out to be a great multi-use rack in our fleet. I used it on my city bike as a very handy commuting rack to carry spare shoes, clothes, and other daily items. I also used it on my hardtail for an off-road ride through Whiting Ranch. It’s main use would probably be for a sleeping bag, but with a fully sealed bag and some creativity, you can use the Bindle Rack for whatever you need to carry. The rack frame attaches to the seatpost of your bike and features a tight hinge that moves up and down. Two straps are used to secure your cargo while a third loops through the saddle rails and when tightened, secures the whole rack to the rear of the saddle (using that hinge). The straps and rails are all high quality and the whole system is fairly easy to use. The rack comes with a few adapters for different seatposts. This also pairs great with Fix It Sticks and their bottle cage mount – I had them on the same bike for a time, and making any adjustments was super easy!

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