Training and Racing with the LEOMO TYPE-R Wearable Technology

LEOMO unveiled their new motion capture device called the TYPE-R, a wearable measurement tool for competitive cyclists, triathletes and their coaches that, for the first time allows them to analyze form on the road where they train and compete versus in a lab or studio.

Laws and Equations Of Motion: Training and Racing with the TYPE-R Wearable Technology

LEOMO unveiled their new motion capture device called the TYPE-R, a wearable measurement tool for competitive cyclists, triathletes and their coaches that, for the first time allows them to analyze form on the road where they train and compete versus in a lab or studio. TYPE-R is more of a system than a device. It will prove to be the next big advancement for coaches and athletes. Although currently limited to analyze the motion of cyclists, they will be adding other sports in the months to come.

Leomo TYPE-R


The big 3 items that a coach tries to optimize are (a) Power, (b) Endurance and (c) Technique. The first 2 are both common data items that the cyclist captures and the coach evaluates then optimizes the plan so the athlete can achieve their goals.

But, how do you capture and analyze technique in the field?

Until now, motion analysis has been limited to labs that do not reflect real-world training or race conditions. Lab equipment that is required is often elaborate, very expensive and usually requires a specialist to setup, run and analyze results.

So, by knowing the big 3, coaches and athletes can

  • Perform a deep analysis of movement versus power, cadence, and fatigue
  • Establish baselines for various physical conditions and situations
  • Discover clues to improve both fitness and technique


LEOMO’s pioneering TYPE-R portable motion analysis device, developed in collaboration with world-renowned coaches, allows athletes and their coaches to collect data day after day, in the same conditions they train and compete in.

For the coach, you can combine your observations with real-time motion tracking to show your athlete quantitative results so that it is easier for them to understand and change certain 3D movements. For the cyclist athlete, you can view real-time motion analysis as you train and race.

TYPE-R combines the latest in technology, biometrics and real-time cycling form analysis to bring the athlete to a whole new level.


  1. High-resolution color display that can be mounted on your handlebars or wrist.
  2. Five ‘color-coded’ wireless motion sensors; 1 each on:
    • Sacrum – measures pelvic tilt, travel and rotation
      • Not only useful for minimizing lumbar spine strain (occurs when the spine is more upright) but can be used to analyze wasted watts if pelvis travels around too much.
    • Thighs – measures leg angular range
      • Comparing left-to-right, imbalances are easily identified. Next, a plan of action can be used to identify reasons such as LLDs, excessive pelvic tilt/rotation and other imbalances.
    • Shoes/feet – measures dead spots and foot angular range (total and between 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock) of the pedal stroke.
    • Dead spots occur where pedaling power is lost when sub-optimally shifting from one movement pattern to another during the pedaling stroke. TYPE-R identifies these and provides a numerical value so you and your coach can work to minimize these.
    • FAR measures how much the heels move up and down while pedaling.
  3. Analysis software that provides real-time graphs and trend analysis of motion, power, cadence, pedaling dead spots, most efficient cadence, speed, heart rate and GPS data
  4. Powerful browser-based analysis tool you can use anytime/anywhere to analyze your activity data


  • Motion Sensors: All 5 TYPE-R sensors data via Blue Tooth
  • ANT+ Sensors: Any ANT+ certified devices (power meters, heart rate monitors, speed sensors, cadence sensors, speed/cadence sensors, etc.)
  • GPS Sensor: The TYPE-R also contains its own GPS sensor. You and your coach need to see what is going on, where sub-optimal/sub-maximal movements


You and your coach need to see what is going on, where sub-optimal/sub-maximal movements are occurring in order to work on a corrective action plan. TYPE-R clearly identifies ALL movements so that sub-optimal movements can be easily identified.

LEOMO has also announced that this is really the ‘basic platform’ that other companies have shown interest to add much more functionality to this system.

So, there you have it, the first generation of a real ‘wearable’ useful for both the athlete and coach that reports data in real-time! This is the single-biggest advancement since they put the first Power-Meter on a bicycle.


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