I really enjoyed using this GPS unit. It was simple, small, light-weight, and worked 100% of the time. Unlike larger brands, the Bryton Rider 100 turned on right away, and let you begin timing within seconds of pushing the power button. The controls are easy-to-use and intuitive. The unit is quite small, but the LCD read-out is clear and readable. I had no issues with GPS data point corruption or rides that failed to save (like I have with other brands). Bryton has done an excellent job with their high-quality and reliable line of GPS units. Bicyclist writer, Rick Schultz, does professional equipment testing on GPS units and power meter systems and has done an even further look into Bryton’s well-designed systems here. Bottom line, the Bryton Rider 100 is a GPS unit under $100, has everything you need for cycling, and it works great!