Behind the Curtain, BICYCLIST Wandering The CABDA Exposition, In Search Of Value, Innovation and Quality

The inaugural west coast version of the industry bike show took place at the Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego, California on January 16 and 17th of 2019. Here are some of the goods that caught our eye. Subscribe to the BICYCLIST Experience podcast for additional information on this field trip

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LEZYNE Torque Drive is a truly portable 2Nm – 10Nm capacity multi-bit tool, that is feathery. It is the first torque-wrench we’ve come across that is small enough to truly consider for carrying on- bike during tours and adventures on road and trail. As the requirements of our modern machines dictate a higher level of precision than the ‘lug-nut vs. spark-plug’ comparator method of yesteryear, the tool will only become more useful as time goes on. Included are all the bits you’ll need and a carrying case, 190 g for the set. >> $50

Lezyne Torque Wrench
LEZYNE Torque Drive, ($50)
Close the Gap
Green Guru Tubular Insulated Can Sleeve ($40)

GREEN GURU started their work in 2005, setting out to design bags for bike travel using creative reclamation techniques for discarded outdoor gear to craft their goods. Over that time, they’ve gotten really skilled at determining utility and value for the active adventurer. A fun addition to the day-trip portage is their Tubular Insulated Can Sleeve ($40), an excellent addition to packing refreshments for a trail-side break. >> $40

CLEVER STANDARD is an entrant into on-bike tools and accessories that bring true innovation to their designs. Known most for their ‘Clever Lever ‘ tire levers and integrated smart-link tool, they also have a tool that integrates a chain breaker with a handle that acts as a valve-core wrench. If your chain requires a tool to repair, the Clever Standard Chain Barrel serves as a 45 gram accoutrement well worth the nominal additional weight. The entire tool stores nicely, measuring just over 1.5” and smaller than most comparable tools. Available in a multitude of colors, and fitting most multi-speed chains and some single-speed chains. >> ~$23 each

Clever Standard
Clever Standard Chain Barrel Tool (~$25)
Silca Securo
Silca Securo Bidon Cage, ($70)

SILCA is no stranger to the art and engineering of fine provisions for bike travel. Their most recent entry is the Sicuro Ti cage, a hand-formed and laser-welded water bottle carrier made in their Indianapolis factory. The cage includes a 25 year warranty, the longest we’re familiar with for a bottle cage, a testament to the confidence in design and manufacturing that Silca has imbued in their new release. As more and more people find the joy of riding on rocks, gravel and trail, a bottle cage that keeps bottle ejections at bay is well worth the ticket to entry. We look forward to getting our hands on a set to see if we can shake them loose and will report back. Also included with the cage are Ti bolts, with the entire setup coming under 30 grams. If any grams shaved are worth the cost of reduction, or your bike deserves some luxury, Sicuro for the win. >> $70 each

ONYX RACING PRODUCTS have been making hubs in the midwest since 2007 and have even sent their prized hubs racing worldwide. All hubs include a 5-year warranty and a 2x lifetime upgrade program. As the ‘enduro’ and downhill crowd glom on noisier drag systems, it is of note the Oynx hubs are silent, offering a near drag-free ride and some peace and quiet on the trail. The hubs are ceramic bearings all around, a trend that seems to be gaining more momentum and adoption then we’ve seen previously. ORP offers setups for virtually every wheel and frame type on the market, with more than 2,000,000 combinations in their catalogue. They also have been a part of many special projects and some wild electric bike builds that have definitely put the hubs through their paces. >> $150-$450 

Onyx Racing Products hubs
Onyx Racing Products Hubs ($150-450)
Close the Gap

CLOSE THE GAP is a Dutch company that made their debut at CABDA West with a smart, and compact accessory that helps tidy up the cockpit provisions that have become a requirement for many riders. Their products include a quarter-turn smart computer mount, an action camera mount, and the best part – a bright and crisp bell that hides well and provides great utility. They have other mounts that provide a range of accessories within hands reach. >> $15

The inaugural west coast version of the industry bike show took place at the Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego, California on January 16 and 17th of 2019. Besides the opportunity to get an overall ‘feel’ for the industry, the show offers a chance to learn about products that otherwise may get lost in the fire-hose of bike-related product launches. Here are some of the goods that caught our eye. Subscribe to the BICYCLIST Experience podcast for additional information on this field trip.

The Layout

BICYCLIST 156 : Pg 9

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