The Pedego Stretch cargo bike has been retained by BICYCLIST for the last four months. We plan to share our experiences with the bike in the future issues as the “Stretch” has been very popular with the BICYCLIST staff. This cargo bike seems to be on loan constantly and every staff member has used it for various purposes, such as commuting, running errands, grocery shopping, and transporting camera equipment.

Of course, recreational riding, including a 16-mile off-road jaunt with a couple thousand feet of elevation gain, must be included in the list of uses. Dapu’s 500-watt brushless, geared motor provides smooth, rapid acceleration in any of the five levels of pedal assist (PAS) or by using the throttle. The BB7 cable-actuated brakes, which the staff favors for its linear pull disc system, stop the bike quickly and decisively. Wide 24-inch tires absorb uneven terrain and help maintain balance when the bike strikes an unplanned rut in the road.

The ingenious quick-release handlebar stem allows customization of the bike to accommodate the different heights of the staff. Other useful features include the multi-purpose racks, front and rear lights, and center stand. To date, Pedego’s cargo bike has performed its various tasks successfully. We look forward to sharing more about the Pedego Stretch Cargo Bike.