Jones Bikes PLUS SWB Complete Is A Do-Everything Wonder, Built To Thrash

No matter the adventure you have planned, the Jones Bikes Plus SWB Complete should be seriously considered. Don’t let the wide tires deceive you, this bike is just as comfortable and practical on the streets as it is on the trail. Reliability, repair-ability, and designed durability are turned to 11 and ready for wherever the road takes you.

Holed up in Talent, Oregon, the wizardry of Jones Bikes has earned Jeff Jones a following of devotees who appreciate the unique utility and comfort, yet snappy geometry of his custom frames. Taking the years of collecting sizing data, the wizard himself took to developing a set of frames that would cover the geometry of 80% of his previous builds. Looking at the most popular setups he has previously been requested led him to the Plus SWB, a ready-to-ship adventure bike that is all Jones, but without the price tag of a custom build. How much without? Under $2000 with enough left for shoes, pedals and a helmet.

Entry Fee

The bang is loud for those bucks, when the entry fee to this adventure offers a 4130 steel frame that will last well-after the carbon and aluminum ones we’ve been accustomed to have reached their shelf life. As a platform, the bike offers all the fixin’s you’d need for even the most pack-heavy excursion. The fork mounts, multiple downtube mounts, and rear rack eyelets allow for provisioning even the hungriest of riders.

No matter what you throw at the Jones Bikes Plus SWB Complete, it comes prepared. The 27.5″ wheel size is matched with 3″ Maxxis Chronicle tires offering surety and traction as needed.

A Wheel Choice

The bike ships with 27.5” x 3” Plus Maxxis Chronicle tires mounted to 50mm wide rims. According to Jones, this choice “allows the option to run low pressure giving better traction, flotation, comfort, lower rolling resistance, less flats and more safety, both on dirt or road.” In our experience with the Plus SWB, we can confirm all of these. The ride is ultra-smooth, and bringing the PSI to 23 on dirt is a ride on a magic carpet. The frame transfers power well, with no suspension to dampen the effort, different from the suspended bikes we’re accustomed to riding on dirt.

The frame is versatile, also allowing up to 29” x 2.3-2.6” tires and wheels if it’s your hearts desire. The rear drops allow a 148x12mm “Boost” standard thru-axle while the front opts for a 150x15mm ‘Fatbike’ standard, also thru-axle.

The rear end of the build brings the dependable Shimano Deore for chain guiding duties, moving up and down the 11-42 cassette.

Train the Drive

The drive-train is centered around a 32 tooth front chain-ring that connects to 10 speeds spanning 11 to 42 teeth on the rear. The simplicity of the setup is interrupted by the complexity of the rear derailluer. The Deore RD-M6000 is a bulletproof and trail-worthy chain director that, once tuned in, will go along without any fuss.

Slowing down the stoke is considered with brakes from Tekro, 200mm in the front and 180mm discs in the rear. No matter the conditions, the slowing down part will be covered.

The business end of the drivetrain brings a 32-tooth single chain-ring providing a nice balance of speed and insurance against steep climbs when matched against the rear selection.

The Jones Loop H-Bar provides a multitude of resting places while turning pedals and are a welcomed addition to any build. The ‘unconventional’ handlebars themselves were admired by contributor Rob Templin in issue 147, who used them to get back on a road bike after breaking his neck a few years back. We are pleased to see them included as standard equipment.

The Jones H-bar is a treat on any road or trail machine, and the stock selection of the unique piece of kit is welcomed. A nice touch is the handlebar bag that is custom fit to the H-bar, and colored to match the best color for any bike – black.

Where Will You Go?

No matter the adventure you have planned, the Jones Bikes Plus SWB Complete should be seriously considered. Looking to commute to work on a potholed disaster of road? Or maybe a multi-day road tour with only your bike, your wits and your God? Perhaps a fire-road adventure in your local mountains? Say ‘yes’ to all of the above with the Plus SWB complete, a chance to enjoy the fit, feel and experience of the Jones wizardry, while having enough left over to provision the rest of your epic adventure.

Jones Bike Plus SWB Complete Factory Specs

FRAME /FORK:4130 chromoly steel
SHIFTERS:Shimano Deore M6000-GS
BRAKES:Tektro mechanical disc, 180/200mm
SEAT POST:Zoom, alloy 31.8
TIRES:Maxxis Chronicle
WHEELS:Shimano alloy double-wall 27.5”
HANDLEBARS:Jones Loop H-bar, alloy
BB:68mm BSA, ProWheel external cup
CRANKS:1x forged alloy crankset
CASSETTE:Sunrace, 11-42T 10 speed
SIZES:S (5’-5’8), M (5’7”-6’2”), L (6’+)
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