At the heart of Coeur Sports is the drive to make functional and flexible women’s apparel for the best athletic performance and most comfortable ride/run/swim possible. The founder, Kebby Holden, is energized with ideas to revolutionize women’s apparel. You really get the sense that she and the team know exactly who their customer is. With cool innovations like a bib side zipper and a sports bra with hidden pockets, female triathletes and cyclists are obsessed with the brand.

Of considerable note is the Zele collection, designed with speed in mind. Features of the kit include a comfortable and aerodynamic dimpled fabric that is treated with a coating called ColdBlack – a cooling type of fabric; and the bib has a convenient side zipper for quick and easy restroom breaks. Make sure that the zipper is folded in and facing upwards, that locks it in place so it doesn’t unzip while you’re crushing a descent. (below right) From personal experience, the fabric is incredibly light and comfortable. When getting out of the saddle, I felt swifter and the bib was lighter on my legs. This collection can compete with the best of them; they’ve really created something for ultimate performance, and with a design that is modern and functional. -KO (, $200)