Poseidon Bikes was founded by Willie Wei, running out their first production line from La Habra, California in the summer of 2014.

In the pursuit of bang versus buck, southern California-based Poseidon Bikes take the win with their Triton model, a race ready road bike for just six hundred dollars. The Triton was released at the end of 2016 and became available just the beginning of this year. Even by 2017, there aren’t many road bikes that fall into this price range, and the ones that do fall short on quality. The Triton is the second installment in our FRAMEFIRST series, where we look at bikes that have an excellent frame, capable of matching the quality of higher-grade components that can be upgraded from the original build. Poseidon offers a lifetime warranty on their frames for the original owner of the bike.

The Poseidon Bike Triton model flaunts a stiff aluminum frame and carbon fork, a look that will surely turn heads at a group ride, training session, or criterium race. The saddle, seatpost, stem, and handlebars are all good quality and manufactured by Poseidon Bikes at their factory. Shimano Claris 2×8 drivetrain shifts smoothly and precisely with light action and provides plenty of range for climbing. The ride-feel is stiff and responsive, with solid descending and good power transfer when climbing. The complete Triton bike weighs in at just 22 pounds.

Out of the box, the Triton is ready to go on just about any road ride, and for those putting in under a thousand miles a year on the bike, you could definitely keep it as-is. For riders who want to go bigger, you can look into upgrades for longer, faster rides. I’d recommend the wheels, either a wide-rimmed aluminum wheelset for adventuring or a stiff carbon wheelset for racing. Later, you can upgrade both dérailleurs and cassette for quicker shifting and more gear options.

For the newcomer who wants to start road riding or cycling more seriously, this bike is an appropriate choice; many bicyclists have casual riders coming to them for advice and this is a great bike to recommend to someone who wants to get into the sport. It also makes a great training, backup, or travel bike, in situations where you may not want to risk using your fancy road bike – also works great at vacation homes. Or show up for work in style with the Triton as a light and speedy commuter bike.