The Curvy, Lightweight, Multi-Purpose E-Bike That Gives Back

ZBIKE stands out from the rest of the electric bicycles on the market. We’ve seen a lot of iterations of the same model with an emphasis on fast and furious, but few have been as unique as this one. The design allows for some stand-out features you might not be used to seeing.

Advanced electric bicycles that provide alternatives to carbon based vehicles and give back to organizations like MS Society’s Bike MS

ZBIKE stands out from the rest of the electric bicycles on the market. We’ve seen a lot of iterations of similarly styled models with an emphasis on showcasing top speed, but without as much consideration for other elements that have shown themselves to be important when choosing an electric bike. The unique design of the ZBIKE frame allows for the bike to really excel in ways that stand out. Coming in at 34 pounds, with a top speed of 20 miles an hour, and a range of 36 miles, it’s a very compelling option for the urban or afternoon bike path adventure. Mark Menta felt that the electric bicycles on the market just looked like “traditional bicycles with a motor and battery strapped to them. We wanted something that was different, and totally unique [and our] eye was on style with substance.” Continuing with emphasis, “both of these aspects must be present before a product can stand above the crowd.”

In line with their mission to provide an eco-conscious and cost-effective alternative to carbon-based vehicles, the company partners with “highly respected brands and non-profit organizations” who are aligned with their core values. A portion of the sales of the bike will go towards the National MS Society, an organization that delivers services to those who face the challenges of Multiple Sclerosis every day so they can live their best lives. Additionally, ZBIKE and Bike MS will be gifting a top fund-raiser of Bike MS Los Angeles with a special edition, blue and orange, ZBIKE.

ZBIKE weighs just over 34 lbs, which, compared to most e-bikes on the market, is remarkably light. The unique design accommodates a variety of rider heights ranging from 5’2 to 6’2. A handlebar throttle propels the bike forward without the need to pedal at all (20mph), though be sure of any regulations on trails or paths specifying throttles before you begin exploring. On a charge, ZBIKE is claiming 36 miles in flat commute/urban environments, and 15-20 miles in hilly off-road trail riding conditions with no pedaling. The Bike MS community find these features particularly attractive, and we expect to see more blue and orange ZBIKES riding in one of their many road bike events.

The curvy frame is eye-catchingly flexible while maintaining the rigidity needed for a secure ride. And the slim battery pack is discreetly stored in the frame for equal weight distribution. The bike comes equipped with a torque sensor along with a microprocessor that allows for precise energy management and provides the most efficient use of the battery. The bike is constructed with aviation-grade aluminum which keeps it lightweight but structurally sound, and the wheels are made from magnesium which has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any material. A small switch underneath the fork allows you to turn on and off the electricity, alongside a power plug for charging the battery while it’s on the bike.

We had a chance to take the bike out for a spin when we visited the Bike MS Los Angeles Training Ride at Empire Bikes in Chino. The bike we looked at had all the features besides the pedal assist and throttle, which will be on the bikes going into production. Indeed, both myself (5’4) and Chris (6’2) were able to comfortably test ride the bike despite our difference in height. The pedaling motion of the bike paired with the unique design felt like smooth sailing, and the distinct design of the bike earned some rubber necking from Saturday morning customers in the Chino Hills Marketplace.

ZBIKE is now available for purchase online at ($799, until May 31st).

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