Oyama CX E8D and Skyline Folding Bikes: Belt Drive or Electric, Both Under $1300

Oyama Folding Bikes have been building bicycles for more than 50 years and has developed a competency in folding designs for the last 30 years. We bring you their Skyline folding belt drive model and the electric CX E8D for under $1300.

Oyama has been building bicycles for more than 50 years and has developed a competency in folding designs for the last 30 years. The bikes were only available in China and Taiwan, but in early 2017, Foldaway Solutions, a U.S. business whose owners are veterans of the folding market partnered with Oyama to bring the high-quality bikes stateside. The partnership is a win for consumers, with a lightweight and compact Skyline IN7B 7-speed belt-drive folder for $800. When the expectation of a folding bike is to store in a trunk, or alongside your person while traveling, a greasy-chain and exposed derailleur can be burdensome and antithetical to the compact design. The Skyline solves this, with a combination belt-drive and Shimano internal-hub providing a welcomed refinement to the 20-inch wonder. Another offering that caught our eye was the Oyama CX E8D, an aluminum alloy folder that has a secret. The CX E8D provides a more luxurious and easier ride, humming along on burly Kenda 2.3 tires. It also helps that it has a 250-watt Aikema rear-hub motor matched with a 36V, 6.6Ah battery tucked into the frame. The Class 1 folder has a range of around 30 miles per charge, just enough to flatten out the hills or shorten the distance of your local commute. With fenders and rack included, as well as a 5-year warranty on the bike and 2-year warranty on the battery, the $1300 price tag is a welcome addition to an otherwise vacant price-point; and at 43.3 pounds, it’s a rare air in the electric bike landscape.

These two models are just a few of the voluminous number of folding bicycles that Oyama produces. The product catalog demonstrates their understanding of the folding-bicycle customer in their homeland, and the innovations that are unique to the bikes set them apart. Throughout the design, the commitment to quality and attention to details comes through. Small considerations are the key, like painting the interior areas of the frame so when folded match the color of the frame, rather than the color of overspray mixed with primer. The shaping and ergonomics of the handle release folding mechanism is sturdy, yet easily responds with a quick one-handed manipulation of the latch-lock. Even the pedals are purpose-built, with a clever mechanism that releases the pedal to fold onto itself. These are the small details that come together to demonstrate the competency and refinement Oyama brings to the scene of folding and electric bikes.

Oyama Skyline In7b

Frame:Aluminum alloy, 20″ foldable
Fork:Chromoly steel
Shifting:Shimano Nexus, 7-speed internal
Crankset:Yaxing HX 1, belt-drive
Brakes:Radius V-brake
Wheels:20 inch, aluminum alloy
Tires:Schwalbe Big Apple 20
Saddle:Oyama road saddle
Pedals:Oyama folding pedals
Weight:13.5 kg (29.7 lbs)
Warranty:5 Year
Color:Sun Yellow
Website: Oyama Bikes

Oyama CX E8D Electric

Frame:Aluminum alloy, 20″ foldable
Fork:Chromoly steel
Shifting:Shimano Altus, 8-speed dérailleur
Battery:36 Volt , 10 Ah
Motor:Aikema AKM-13 / 250W brushless rear hub
Range:Up to 30 miles
Type:Crank pedal assist, Class 1 (20 mph, no throttle)
Brakes:Tektro, 160mm Disc Brakes
Wheels:20 inch
Tires:Kenda 20x2.3
Saddle:Oyama road saddle
Pedals:Oyama folding pedals
Weight:37.8 pounds (16.9 kg)
Warranty:5 Years (bike), 2 years (battery)
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