We received the following letter and were inspired by Jane’s enthusiasm about her Sondors ebike. We met with Jane and found her to be an energetic woman, and we’re pleased to see that rub off on her husband who has developed a newfound interest in cycling.


If you’ve ever heard the saying, “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple,” well, you can just forget about that right now. At 62-years-young, I’ve started riding an e-bike and I’m officially in love! That old woman in purple may cause a scene, but she’s got nothing on me and my bike.

This last Christmas my husband surprised me with an electric bike and now, three months later, he wonders how he’ll be able to catch up with me! I’ve been exploring and wandering every day, discovering new trails and fun places to ride—that is, as long as the battery lasts.

At first, I was concerned that I’d go too far and run out of power and have to pedal all the way back home. But then I realized that I can carry the charger along with me…just in case. That eased my mind considerably.
The bike looks fairly unusual with its fat balloon tires, bright yellow color, and zippy motor. I get plenty of looks as I whiz by people on the street. Other than its weight, riding the bike is effortless. In fact, it’s so easy that after a month the bike became my favorite form of transportation. I happily run errands around my neighborhood, always able to keep pace with my music…even uphill!

The trickiest thing about my new “crush” is that she’s heavy and can be difficult to maneuver. Because of the effort needed to manage this larger-sized bike, I’ve needed to make some adjustments to my carefree riding. How I stop, take bumps and corners, and hit dirt, can all be tricky maneuvers. But, over time, I’ve gained more confidence and will soon be able to maneuver effortlessly.

My husband had never liked bicycling, but once he tried mine, he wanted one, too! So, we’ve ordered another e-bike. The new one will be mine since the new ones are smaller and lighter.

One thing I’ve noticed is that regular bike riders on the road don’t always seem very welcoming to my amazing e-bike. Maybe they think I’m hogging the bike path or that I should be on the road. Often they just stare. But I’m certain that the more they see me on my big, yellow bike as well as others on e-bikes, they’ll come around. I certainly won’t stop waving at them and, if someone wants to ride with me, they better be pretty speedy on their regular bike. I am tough to keep up with now!

Thanks to SoCal Bicyclist for the opportunity to share my experiences in SoCal’s bicycling community.

Dr. Jane Franklin