Thomas Mountain

Thomas Mountain Route Summary


Turn right off Hwy 74 5.5 miles south of Lake Hemet onto Pyramid Peak Road, turn left on Hop Patch Springs Road and follow it to a small parking area where the pavement turns to dirt. Route: Follow the fire road for approx 5 miles to Tool Box Springs Campground. For the single track descent, follow a narrow spur to the right of the restrooms downhill to Tool Box Springs and 100 yards further to the beginning of the Ramona Trail (unmarked), which will end at the trailhead parking area off Hwy 74. Follow the highway back to the car (total mileage 14).

Longer Option:

For the longer loop, continue on the fire road past Tool Box Springs Campground several more miles until reaching a Y – the left spur takes you up to a view point. Keep to the right and continue all the way back to Hwy 74, staying right at another Y further down the road continuing on Thomas Mountain Road. Follow the highway back to the car (total mileage 16).

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