Meet the Bike Coach: Your Questions Answered by Rick Schultz

Meet Rick Schultz, a bike coach and regular contributor to BICYCLIST magazine, who is an experienced CAT 3 racer, a Peaks Coaching Group specialist, and a Beginner Racer Program (BRP) instructor. Send him your questions through this contact form and your answer could be featured in upcoming issues of the magazine.

Rick Schultz is owner/operator at Bike Fitness Coaching and Bike Test Reviews. Rick is a USA Cycling level 2 certified coach and certified bike fitter. Rick sizes and fits bicycles to clients and optimizes their cycling performance via structured workouts, analysis and feedback.To provide an even higher level of coaching to his clients, Rick is now a Peaks Coaching Group cycling coach specializing in power-based training.

Rick has racing experience and raced as a CAT-3. Racing, coaching and bike fitting, Rick knows how to make his clients successful. As a certified USA Cycling level 2 coach, Rick has certifications in Power Based Training, Cycling Skills Instructor, and Beginner Racer Program (BRP) Instructor and Coach. As a bike sizer and bike fitter, Rick is trained and certified in GURU fit, BikeFit Pedal/Cleat/Foot fit, Cyclologic Cycling Analysis & Contact Point Optimization and Trek Level 2 and 3. Rick works as Senior Bike Fitter for Bike Fitness Coaching.

Rick holds a Computer Science degree as well as Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and later achieved a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with emphasis in Organizational Theory.

Other notable companies Rick has founded include Mission Knives,Inc., where he worked with the US Naval Special Forces (SEALs and EOD) to invent their current highly-alloyed Titanium SEAL knife and EOD demining probes. These products that Rick designed, developed and manufactured have both National and NATO stock numbers and are still being purchased today by Special Forces from around the world.

I love helping athletes achieve their goals, whether mentoring a junior on their first ride, or coaching a group of seniors who have discovered the enjoyment of getting back onto a bicycle again after a 50-year break.

I believe in a synergystic approach to cycling, which includes strength training, stretching, and core work, the foundation for supporting yourself on the bicycle.


I’m 69 years young and live in Dana Point, CA. My goal was to do the Belgium Waffle Ride, a 140-mile gran fondo in and around San Diego. Training on my own, as I started increasing my mileage, I started having more and more pain, especially in the knees, hips and lower back. I spoke with several friends and each one suggested for me to go see Rick for a bike fit and then some coaching. Little did I know that this was the start of my journey. After a great bike fit, I was pain-free, but still couldn’t get over the hills, nor stay up on group rides. Back to Rick where he explained about power, power meters, managing your power and pedaling drills and how to do workouts in general. Rick initially gave me an FTP test in his studio and the result was 185W. He said I could do better and after several months of Rick’s coaching and me training, I was retested at 200W! During this time, I also lost several pounds and I am now able to stay up on group rides, able to get over the hills and completed my first Belgium Waffle ride (the shorter of the two but still an 84 miler with 8,000 feet of climbing) as well as I finished the Levi Gran Fondo as well as recently climbed Haleakala which is a 10,000-ft. climb! Thank you, Rick!
– Robert W.

I’m 73 and recently got a new bike to ride with my friends. Every time I got on the bike, I was in pain. I went to Rick for a bike fit and some coaching. After 2 months, I feel so much stronger and cycling is now much more enjoyable! In fact, out on the last ride with the same group of my friends, my power seemed to have increased especially on the climbs. I’m spinning 10 RPM faster and set new PR’s which I didn’t expect. Coach Rick’s technique for gaining power is something every cyclist needs to practice and, with Ricks help you will gain power as well as bike handling tips that will help in your quest to be better. This is why I came to Rick and I feel confident that he is qualified, trustworthy and knowledgeable not only with coaching but with all aspects of cycling. I have the greatest respect and can recommend Rick Schultz to all who love our sport.
– Steve S.



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