Is Triathlon Too Expensive For The Average Cyclist? It Doesn’t Have To Be

California Triathlon’s mission is to make the sport of triathlon more affordable, accessible and sustainable. Here are the resources in place to help cyclists make the jump to triathlon:

My cycling-only friends often believe that a triathlon is too expensive to venture into, especially combined with what they are already spending on road races and criteriums. We would be hard pressed to disagree if they were only looking at USA Triathlon’s $126,000 average household income or Ironman’s published $247,000 number in October 2016 to the City of Santa Rosa. Is there a path for cyclists in the world of triathlon? You bet.

California Triathlon’s mission is to make the sport of triathlon more affordable, accessible and sustainable. Here are the resources in place to help cyclists make the jump to triathlon:

  • Team/Club Membership. California Triathlon offers a premium, no fee service with over 3,000 members and 7 chapters in California that include San Diego, Orange County, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, San Francisco and Sacramento. While some chapters are more active than others there is always something to do.
  • The Bike: The biggest upfront cost for triathlon is often the bike and a cyclist already has that covered. You definitely don’t need to get a fancy triathlon or time trial bike.  However, if you do need a new bike California Triathlon athletes get 25% off all Fuji & Kestrel bikes through our national sponsor Performance Bike.
  • Training: California Triathlon’s SPRINT 90 Day Program provides a training plan, mentor and coaching at no cost. We like to help you avoid the mistakes we made.
  • Free VOGO Races: VOGO stands for Volunteer One, Get One. Some of our athletes haven’t paid for a race entry in 5 years. They volunteer their time and then race for free later in the season.
  • Triathlon Gear: Voler has been Cal Tri’s kit provider since our founding in 2010. Our athletes can get a full kit – tri top & tri shorts – starting at about $75.
    • Tri Race Tops starting at: $30.36
    • Tri Shorts starting at: $40.26
    • Jerseys starting at: $38.94
    • FS Running Singlet starting at: $23.76
    • Vests starting at: $34.98
    • Jackets starting at: $41.58
    • Youth Garments starting at: $25.74
    • Name Tri Skinsuits starting at: $78.96
  • GRAND PRIX California Races: The GRAND PRIX California is a competitive series of 25 races in the LA, San Francisco, San Diego and Orange County areas. There are sprint distance options starting at $50 with many other options less than $100. It isn’t the $20-$40 you pay for a crit but it shouldn’t be a budget buster either. Frequent racers are eligible for season ending loot.
  • Cal Tri Skills Camp – Oct 21, 2017: The last Cal Tri Skills Camp is October 21 at Santa Fe Dam in Irwindale, California. It is one week before 2017 Trick or Tri which is one of the best races in SoCal. You get 8 hours of hands on triathlon skills training covering everything you will need to up your triathlon game. The cost is $25 and that includes a $25 credit to the Cal Tri kit store. I hope readers are noticing a theme here.

Epic Rides: California Triathlon leads a series of SAG supported rides throughout California including Mt. Baldy, Palomar Mountain, Angels & Demons –Anaheim to Solana Beach, Malibu Madness, Dawson’s Saddle & Mount Wilson and LA to Santa Barbara. They are typically $5 – $10 and typically include breakfast or lunch, professional photos and in 2017 we have gotten additional SAG support from Velofix.

The sport of triathlon doesn’t need to be an expensive pursuit. The resources available with a membership to California Triathlon will get you on the right track with no cost. And our community of like-minded members will help you achieve the athletic experience of a lifetime – completing your first tri. And second. And third…see you on the course!

Thom Richmond is the Founder of California Triathlon. California Triathlon is a 501c3 charity that provides a premium no-fee membership to over 4,000 athletes worldwide. Our mission is to make the sport of triathlon affordable, accessible & sustainable by providing the resources, coaching and support needed for athletes to accomplish their goals.

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