‘The Dunwich Dynamo’ – One Man’s Tale of Starlight Cycling

I took to imagining that each blink of the eye was a mini nap, and attempted to savor and appreciate the momentary respite no matter how absurd this game. I took long blinks. ” – Pg. 16

The Dunwich DynamoIn the November issue of Southern California Bicyclist (digital edition out now), our English contributor, Sam Walker, wrote an engrossing long-form piece about the challenging 120 mile ride through England known as the “Dunwich Dynamo.” In the piece, Sam paints a vibrant picture of the struggles of over-night cycling cross-country; from trying to combat his lack of sleep, to forgetting to pack the right gear for rainy weather conditions. Though the experience takes place on the other side of the world, SoCal cyclists will identify with the different personalities that seem to exist on every ride, like Sam’s encounter with the ‘Man from Munich’ (we swear we’ve ridden with this man’s American counterpart at some point). Maybe this will inspire you to plan a cycling trip across the globe; Or maybe Sam’s experience gives you that extra push to finally register for that century ride you’ve been contemplating. Whatever you take from it, it’s an article we’re proud to have in our publication.

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