On the one year anniversary of the death of Robin Williams, we are reminded of his passion for our sport.

The dope tests came back. They found traces of Viagra. It helps me ride long and hard, and I don’t need a kickstand.
—Williams, at the start of the 2002 San Francisco Grand Prix


During his lifetime, Robin Williams was an avid cyclist and cycling fan. He invested much of his time and money towards his love of riding bikes. Though he stood out amongst a crowd, when he was on the bike he was no longer the famous actor and comedian, but a rider just trying to make it to the finish line. His passion was apparent in his vast collection of bicycles that he kept in his garage in San Francisco. Some of which include a custom oversized BMX bike, a Araya steel road bike, and even a Merlin newsboy. Williams favorite way to ride was independently and through Sonoma County, he is quoted as saying “I love riding in Sonoma County-the mountains and the vineyards are really beautiful and inspiring”. We too are inspired by the mountains and vineyards in Sonoma County, but more by the happiness and laughs that Robin Williams gave to us.

RIP Robin Williams
July 21 1951-August 11 2014