We returned to the SoCal Fixed Series on June 24th at Mt. San Antonio College for race #2 of the fixed gear competition. This time around racers were riding in the opposite direction from race 1 on the .65 mile criterium course, which created more of a challenge for riders fighting against a strong, summer headwind. However, it made the spectating more exciting because the breakaways had to be fast and efficient, otherwise riders were holding tight in the peloton. Each race included cash prizes for winning designated bonus laps (an incentive to sprint, for sure), and both men and women receive equal cash prize money at the end. Once again, race organizer Luis (Ocbrakeless) consistently ensured a safe and supportive atmosphere at the event, with medics and an ambulance on hand in the event of an injury. Some left with a few nasty cuts and road rash, but everyone left in high spirits, though some were more tired than others.

We look forward to the plethora of local vendor booths, including Heavy Pedal, State Bicycle Co., Ellum Bag Works, Pit Viper, Linares Bike Shop, Cohen Law Partners, and others; we even have a BICYCLIST booth of our own with magazines and swag. Some seriously delicious food has been readily available at each race, ranging from vegan and non-vegan food options, as well as fresh coffee and sweet treats. It’s become somewhat of a routine at each race for the BICYCLIST crew to indulge in a donut and ice cream sandwich from Grizzby’s Biscuits and Donut’s, as well as a fresh cup of coffee from Iron & Kin. The food offerings at the Fixed Series are some of the best, most unique options we’ve seen at any similar type of events.

Attack Category

For the entry level rider or less experienced. This category is meant for those that tend to get pulled from a typical race. The Attack field is great for developing your race skills with like minded individuals in a group that will be both competitive and fun.


1. Maximino Sanchez

2. Sergio Miranda

3. Jonathan Phok

Women’s Category

The most welcoming and close knit category. Our women’s field is compiled of both elite and newer up and coming riders. All women are welcome to test themselves and experience the fun in a friendly atmosphere.


1. Esther Walker

2. Kym NonStop

3. Ginger Boyd

Elite Category

This category is designed for the most experienced riders who typically hang in every race. This group is fast paced with excellent bike handling ability.


1. David Santos

2. David Ramirez

3. Angel Munoz

The Podium Finishers

Each race has top three finishers who are awarded at the craft brew podium at the end of the event. There is also an overall prize for the rider who’s earned the most points in each category for the series overall.

The Series Conclusion

Though we’ll be sad to see the conclusion of the 2018 SoCal Fixed Series, the final race looks to be the most exciting yet as riders battle it out to determine the overall winners of the series, and the unofficial king and queen of the crit. The “Mission Impossible Criterium” will be at the largest parking lot on the Mt. San Antonio College campus in Walnut, on July 29th at 11:00 am.

Current Standings Ahead of the Third Race:

Attack Category

  1. Maximo Sanchez (Flx) 24
  2. Sergio Miranda 16
  3. Jonathan Phok 13
  4. Sergio River (Linares) 12
  5. Andy Ramos (Linares) 9


  1. Ester Walker (Aventon) 24
  2. Kym Nonstop (Aventon) 17
  3. Ginger Boyd 15
  4. Katherine Nodler (SDBC) 9
  5. Jasmine Naea (Zero Miedo) 8

Elite Men

  1. David Santos (Aventon) 24
  2. Angel Munoz (Cncpt) 17
  3. Chris Hildreth (Heavy Pedal) 14
  4. David Ramirez (Charie Co) 13
  5. Jurgen Wirges (Cinelli PPR) 11