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Event, Race and Festival Organizers

Register your ride, race, festival or other bicyclist friendly event. Your event will be included across all of the BICYCLIST calendars, in print and online.

Our digital event calendar contains the most comprehensive list of events taking place in the western half of the U.S. with festivals, races and recreation rides all across California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, and Arizona. Complimenting the web-based listing, we also publish a calendar in our magazine (above) with listings formatted for readability and easy navigation.


We provide this service FREE for all events listed in our digital calendar. For your event to be listed in the magazine, it must be listed in the digital event calendar.

As an alternative to more costly ad placements, we offer the Event Calendar Listing (Plus) to provide an opportunity for detailing ride amenities, special guests, sponsor details or other details unique to your event. In addition to the information conveyed in the free listing (shown above), the Plus Listing includes additional room for 50 words of your own crafted copy, a direct link to your website or registration page, a space for your event or sponsor logo, and highlighted text for your listing to stand out.


The Plus Listing is a great value for events looking to stand out, but without the budget for a traditional ad placement.

2016/2017 Pricing

3 issues $180 per issue
6 issues $165 per issue
10 issues $150 per issue

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