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Event, Race and Festival Organizers

Register your ride, race, festival or other bicyclist friendly event. Your event will be included across all of the BICYCLIST calendars, in print and online.


BICYCLIST, Southern California and Beyond is a social enterprise promoting bicycle riding for sport, activity, and transportation. We are based in Southern California, an area that accounts for more bike shops, and active cyclists than the rest of the United States – combined.

We publish BICYCLIST Magazine in print and digital editions and produce the weekly cycling podcast, the BICYCLIST Experience. We also maintain the BICYCLIST Friendly Shop Locator, and the BICYCLIST Event Calendar, the largest online calendar of cycling events, races and festivals in the United States.

We have published a print magazine since 1994, distributing to more than 500 bike shops throughout the western US and made available free to the public. We launched our online platform in 2014, and our podcast in 2015 and now reach readers and listeners in more than 72 countries.


GUIDE active cyclists with information that will enhance their riding experience and make the most of their time in the saddle.

ENCOURAGE aspirational and non-cyclists to become active members of the cycling community.

CREATE engaging content that is as informative as it is entertaining.

INSPIRE fans to find adventure, build and participate in communities, and explore the roads and trails both close and far.

ADVOCATE for the bicycling lifestyle in the western United States and beyond.


EVENTS // Organized recreation, pro/am competition and festivals.

CULTURE // Off the bike, on the bike, and everything in-between.

PROVISIONS // The goods that go along with the life of the bicyclist.

ADVENTURE // Discover by bike, discover thyself.

ADVOCACY // Improving the experience of riding a bicycle for everyone.


Press interested in our organization are welcome to contact us for comment via email at [email protected].