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Event, Race and Festival Organizers

Register your ride, race, festival or other bicyclist friendly event. Your event will be included across all of the BICYCLIST calendars, in print and online.

BICYCLIST | SoCal & Beyond

BICYCLIST | SoCal & Beyond

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Flyer and Brochure Distribution

We offer distribution of flyers alongside the distribution of our magazine at select retail locations. We manage distribution in-house and are able to provide delivery to over 280 bike shops throughout the Western US. We are also able to provide segmented distributions to specific counties in Southern California.

  • Brand/Service Marketing
    • 280+ bike shops are available for distribution of marketing materials.
  • Events
    • Regional delivery to Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties available.
  • Single Distribution
  • Continuous (3, 5, and 12-month lengths)
    • Re-distribution of flyers over a specific time period.
  • Single Distribution – $1176

Discounts available for 3, 5 and 12-month distribution lengths.



Flyer Distribution