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Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles in Stores Now 

The all-new lineup of road bikes includes the UrbanRush, a drop-bar do everything road bike, the CrossConnect, a completely accessorized commuter/utility bike, and the CrossCore, a high style efficient fitness bike. Yamaha’s performance hardtail e-mountain bike, the YDX-TORC is also now available.


Issue 152: Early Fall 2018 

For issue 152 of BICYCLIST Magazine, we bring stories from all across the map to inspire, entertain and inform. The BICYCLIST Challenge for this issue is a glorious 73-mile ride around Lake Tahoe, affectionately known to locals as ‘The Big Blue’. In Utah, this September 14-16 Denise Mueller-Korenek will be attempting to break the paced land-speed world record. She currently holds the women’s record set in 2016, but she is returning to break the men’s record of Fred Rompelberg that has stood since 1995. See our profile of her team, Project Speed.