Riding a bike is nothing if not for an experience. The machine, the gear, the shades, the shoes – they’re all considerations that need to be made, but ultimately, they are all considerations pushing for the same result – an improved experience, making every ride a ‘great ride’. Our goal is, and always has been, to provide you with the information to make the most of your time in the saddle, to inspire your own experience and help you find that elusive ‘great ride’. With that in mind, this issue is no different.

When you’re on the bike, Richard Duquette has your back with a few valuable tips for collecting evidence after a bike crash – read this now so you can remember it later. Also, reminding us to use our best sense on the bike path and not be an embarrassing stereotype is Carl Lawton, with his look at two of the ‘hazards’ he has identified in the wild. Rick Schulz, USAC bike coach has some excellent advice on protecting your skin from sun damage and some recommendations for proper apparel. With this summer heat already setting new records across the country, you’ll want to heed his advice – sunburns are painful, performance sapping and put you on the road to a run-in with an angry dermatologist or sympathetic oncologist later in life.

We spend some time with a few items to help improve your ride. A big part of that is making sure your bike makes it back home with you. Securing bikes isn’t the most glamorous topic, but there have been some new innovations that really improve the experience. If you’re looking for an alternative to clunky and heavy locks, our recommendations are some of the lightest on the market.

We had an epic time testing out two of our spotlight bikes in this issue, the Barlow by Sage Titanium Bicycles and the Reflex 300 by Alter Cycles. The Barlow is a truly innovative bike and Sage Titanium is reinventing and reinvigorating the sleepy world of titanium frame building. Also heavy on the design and innovation, the Reflex 300 is a new take on the bicycle frame with a dynamic downtube that smooths the power stroke and increases pedal efficiency. We don’t have the resources to attest to those claims (yet), but we definitely had fun ‘mod-ing’ the Reflex 300 and taking it on the roads and trails of Orange County.

You can’t have an experience without a map and a route to follow, so this issue we want to take you along the beachside cities of San Diego with Bike MS on their Day 2 route for the annual Bay to Bay tour.

Off-bike, we feature a profile of Bill and Trish Kesselring of Peloton Cellars in Avila Beach to give us a glimpse into the origins of the winery and their partnership with the Central Coast Classique. Down in Southern California, Justin Macias pops into Lord Windsor Roasters in Long Beach and includes directions for getting their via bicycle.

We conclude this issue with an inspiring story about cyclists bringing awareness to the power of solar with a ride around the globe. Sushil Reddey set the Guiness record for the longest solar powered e-bike ride and has gone on riding across France, and will be touring from San Francisco to San Diego this summer. During his tour, Sushil has been speaking at Universities about the transformative change that renewable and sustainable transportation can have for places such as his homeland, India.

See you on the route. Stay safe. Peace.

Chris Reynolds | Editorial Director & Publisher