There are lots to be seen if you explore the world by bike, taking a road you haven’t taken before or a trail that is a bit longer than your usual journey. Another way to change your experience is by including a different type of cycling in your routine. Are you a commuter? Maybe now is the time to start training for a weekend race. Are you dedicated to dirt? Consider giving commuting a spin. Even just for a cup of coffee. You’ll be surprised what you’ll see in your neighborhood when you ride at the bicyclist pace instead of vehicular speeds.

To inspire your new ventures in cycling, we have a FIRSTLOOK at four bikes and an electric age profile of a fifth. Amongst this group lies two superstars of the folding bike world, the Brompton Superlight, and the Dahon Qix D8 folding bike. Both bikes have particular features that make them uniquely suited to their purpose. The Brompton is snappy and responsive for city commutes, and the Dahon has versatility with 8 speeds to accomplish commutes for all terrain.

For those longer commutes, look no further than the Stromer ST1 X, an electric bike from the Swiss bike manufacturer that has made waves with the quality and finish of their bikes. And for those racers that can’t be convinced, we give you something to covet – a special edition Sage ‘Barlow’ race bike built specifically for the Belgian Waffle Ride. For the racers on a budget, Victor rode and reviewed the Poseidon Bikes ‘Triton’, an option for commuting and crushing your weekend routes. The company continues to provide a fun and fresh approach to road cycling and is based locally in Southern California.

Also this issue, we meet legendary professional cyclist, Fabian Cancellara, as he visits the USA’s #1 Trek dealership right here in Southern California. The cover photo, taken by “Hannibal” Hector Castillo was from an afternoon ride with Fabian, organized by the Trek Bicycle Superstore in San Diego. In Ask the Coach, Rick gives us insight into why many cyclists incur lower back pain and how you can upgrade your body, and your bike, to avoid this malady. And you’ll also find a look at last month’s Sea Otter Classic – things are back on track for innovation in cycling.

Amongst all the special features we have for you, we’re also happy to welcome Richard Duquette and his column, Legal Cycling – a look at the legal issues you may face while on the road and how to approach them. We start the column with some legal considerations for vehicular road rage, something we have or will encounter at some point.

I hope this issue encourages long time racers and weekend warriors to consider commuting, it will change your cycling experience for the better.

Thank you to our sponsors for their support, and our contributors for sharing their stories of exploration and adventure.

Stay safe out there and keep in touch!

Chris Reynolds | Editorial Director & Publisher