In this last issue of 2016, we’re going beyond. Beyond Southern California and beyond what could be expected from our publication. We’ve been bringing you frequent dispatches in the form of our ‘Destinations Within Reach’ features. We have profiled some truly wonderful destinations for cycling on the western coast of the United States and this issue is no exception, with a look at the Monkey Tree Hotel in Palm Springs. But we wanted to introduce locations suitable for the Southern California bicyclist looking to go further.

There has been a lot of cycling-specific attention on Japan this past year. Gritty photos of local Tokyo cycling clubs, picturesque views of cherry-blossom festooned roads and a requisite shot of Mt. Fuji are all de rigueur in this coverage, but we thought we’d do something different. For this first installment of what we’re calling ‘Bicyclist Beyond’, we sent Victor Prestinary, Wilnelia Recart, and Cate Clark across the Pacific Ocean to explore Noto Island and the surrounding peninsula on the western coast of Japan. The report? The roads are amazing for cycling, the country as a whole is bicycle-friendly and the food is unreal. But this can be said for so many wonderful places to ride bikes. We look at the historical and cultural aspects that make this area of the world stand out as a destination for the bicyclist looking to go ‘beyond’ and explore somewhere unique and interesting.

Back home state-side, we dip our front wheels into the river of advocacy and bring you two articles that will help understand the complexities of modern bike advocacy. Our guide to a bicycle friendly workplace provides information for both the employer and employee looking to incorporate cycling in the work-life balance. We also shine a light on a situation that has been brewing in Palos Verdes Estates regarding signage and the deaths of multiple cyclists. (12/8/16 Update: The story continues with a “die-in” protest.)

Our next issue won’t be released until January 3, so until then, from all of us here at the BICYCLIST team, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

See you on the route,

Chris Reynolds

Editorial Director & Publisher