68: Breaking Up With Utah, Shimano Releases New MTB Groupset, Talking About Pants, and Liberty Station.

This episode of the podcast features the team discussing topics of advocacy and land-use in Utah and Marin County. We also discuss gear with Shimano’s latest groupset updates for the mountain bikes, a discussion on pants for cycling and an assortment of other bits and pieces to give you something to think about on your next ride. Enjoy!
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58: Gearing Up For Winter, The Relevance Of Made In USA and Gary Johnson Goes Racing

We begin across the pond with Wiggins and Cavendish winning the Ghent Six-Day race. We return to a discussion on gearing up for winter in SoCal (short discussion) and then spend the remainder discussing the relevance of Made In USA for the typical bike consumer with a mention of Gary Johnson’s post-presidential campaign cycling goals.
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53: Pushing Limits, MPCC, and a Conversation with Phil Gaimon

We start the show with announcements, news, and events – plus special guest Phil Gaimon. Topics for this episode include: the end of the 2016 road cycling season, possible effects of the WADA hacks, the MPCC, and the WorldTour. Phil Gaimon joins us for a phone call to talk about preparing for his inaugural gran fondo, the Malibu Gran Cookie Dough, how it feels to be back on the bike after a months break, and his thoughts on the future of cycling.
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Stinner Frameworks

50: Interview with Aaron Stinner About His Journey Bringing Awareness to Mental Health

On this special episode, we speak with Aaron Stinner, from Stinner Frameworks, about his 4-day journey with Black Sheep Cycling and Men of Steel to raise awareness about Men’s mental health. It’s called The Man Ride and the US chapter will be riding out from Santa Barbara on Thursday, September 29th to end in Legget Oregon on Sunday, October 2nd.
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trek e bike

41: TdF Stage 12, the 28mph Commuter, and Training Tools for Racing

The tour continues and though the race has hit a bit of a lull, we discuss the controversy and excitement from Stage 12 when Chris Froome hopped off his bike and started running towards the finish line.We talk about issue #134, specifically the ride experience of the Trek xm700+ – a class 3, 28 mph electric bicycle, and We cover some of our favorite training tools and software.
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40: Tour de France Stages 6-10

This episode we talk Tour de France stages, wins, and losses, so again if you haven’t seen stages 6-10, come back to us after you catch up. We also preview the new issue that will be hitting your local bike shops very soon, and Victor discusses the cover model for 134 -The Marin Bikes Four Corners Elite.
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