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19 Oct 2017

Category: Basics


Mistakes to Avoid When Riding Your First Century 

In anticipation for his new book, “Your Century Ride: A Training Plan for Achieving a Road Cycling Goal” Lindsey has provided us an excerpt from his chapter entitled, Top Mistakes Made When Planning Your First Century. We recommend this book for the shelf of any cyclist who is considering this benchmark of cycling accomplishment or looking to improve their experience on their next distance adventure.


Year-Round Safety Checks 

With constant attention to results, it can be easy to overlook regular maintenance for your bike, resulting in an unsafe or inefficient machine. Review these simple maintenance procedures to keep your bike rolling reliably on a daily basis.


How Do Bikes Stay Up? Minute Physics Explains. 

The bike has proved itself time and again to be one of the most efficient modes of human-powered transportation, and the engineering world has been perfecting its design for all disciplines. Check out this informative video by Minute Physics on the basics of bicycle mechanics and how a moving bike can stay upright even without a rider.