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17 Oct 2017

Category: Ask the Coach

Ask the Coach

ATC: Pedal Like a Pro 

Ever wonder why the pros are so fast? They pedal differently than you and me. World Tour professionals start applying power to their pedal stroke much earlier than the rest of us, and they also ‘power off’ much later than the rest of us do too.

Ask the Coach

ATC: How Can I Get Up Hills Faster? 

In order to move upward faster and more efficiently, you will need to build up your spinning to a higher cadence than the average cyclist, which is around 85rpm, the most efficient being 105rpm. It will take about 6 months to be able to pedal at that rate if you’re doing regular training drills.

Ask the Coach

ATC: Fitting 101 

Through his years as a bike fit professional and a product tester, Rick Shultz has seen a lot of bad bike fits disguised as “professional”. In beginning to understand how important the cyclist’s synchronization with the bicycle is, we asked Rick about some of the basics regarding bike fits.