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Bikes, First Look

Felt Bicycles: FR2 Road Bike 

Recently, I got my hands on one of Felt Bicycles’s newest releases, the FR2. Built from the history of their flagship F-Series bikes, the new FR model boasts lightweight performance and precision handling that exceeds expectations on all fronts. The FR2 is responsive and stable while riding at high speeds; it’s certainly a bike that I could ride for either a short local criterium or a long training ride. I took the bike out for a mixed terrain ride with fast flats, steep ascents, and screaming descents with no objections and eager anticipation imbued by the FR2.

Bikes, First Look

The 28mph Commuter: Trek XM700+ e-Bike 

A 28mph Class 3 e-bike like the Trek XM700+ can be fully utilized on Class 2 and 3 bike routes in California, but can also be used on Class 1 trails with the electric system disengaged. You’ll have a tough time depleting a full battery, but the bike makes an excellent hybrid even without the pedal assist.