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Hands On

Alter Cycles Reflex 300: Frame Flex Is Your Friend 

Alter Cycles represents the latest thinking from Mark Groendal’s refining and tuning his unique flexible top-tube, flexible down-tube bicycle design over the past 35 years. The technology, revolves around allowing the rider to increase his power stroke; additionally, some of the spring’s rebound provides momentum to the bike.

Electric Age, Hands On

The Trail Blazing Pedego Ridge Rider 

The Ridge Rider is a mountain bike powered by an impressive 500 watt Dapu brushless geared rear hub motor. The bike has five levels of pedal assist (PAS) with a throttle override for full power on demand at each level plus a throttle-only mode. The motor was more than equal to any ascent that we attempted and the drivetrain and brakes performed with the excellence we expected of them.