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19 Oct 2017

Category: Events


2017 Eroica California | Wandering The Starting Line 

Eroica California is an annual event on the coast of California that culminates on Sunday morning at 6:30 AM in downtown Paso Robles. The weekend features a festival with various cycling art installations, vintage swap meet and bike show, but the rubber meets the road on Sunday when participants gather to venture on the days adventure throughout the valleys and hills of the central coast.


Preview 2016 Interbike 

You can expect a lot of innovative new pieces in the apparel space at Interbike this year. Many textiles and fabrics that are now being utilized in garments are more breathable and more versatile in a range of seasons. Though the industry may wish that the edgy gravel bike is the leader in bike trends this year, the true performer will be the electric bikes, with an electric model provided by all of the major bike brands.


Preview 2016 Cross Vegas 

At the 2016 edition of Cross Vegas ,there will be some big changes to the race course at the Desert Breeze Soccer Complex in Las Vegas. The racing action will be moved almost exclusively into “The Bowl”, only at the start and finish will the racers move out of the bowl for some concentrated action for spectators.